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Blink and Wink Minks


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Natural and classy, IN REAL LIFE is made with 100% mink like fiber hairs and blends seamlessly with your real lashes. Ditch the $200 lash extensions and indulge in lightweight, full-body at home DIY lash extensions! Perfect for a natural everyday look.

A full lash is broken up into 5 lash cluster, making it easy to apply. 

Length : 13-14MM

All lashes from the DIY Extensions collection are 100% vegan. They are made with our new mink like hair fibers, TWICE the softness, without the harsh shine of synthetic lashes. Tired of struggling with strip lashes? This is perfect for you!

* Glue is not included with lashes. You can apply underneath the lash with our PRO Lash Adhesive.


Are the lashes beginner friendly?

With practice you will be able to apply them in no time! These lashes are made to be applied on top or underneath your real lashes. For a seamless look, I recommend underneath.

Do I need special lash adhesive?

Our PRO lash adhesive pairs perfectly with the lashes due to it being hypo-allergenic and tear-free.

How long do they last?

Depending on application and lash adhesive of choice, lashes can last up to 5 days due to hygiene.

Are they mink lashes?

We are excited to announce that the lashes are made with PBT fiber that mimics the softness of mink lashes.

How do I remove them?

Lashes can easily be removed with makeup remover.